Monday, March 19, 2012

Kindle for sale hot price of Kindle fire !!!!

Kindle for sale Hot Kindle Fire News Updates: Has 14% of Tablet Market Share

 Here are a couple news blurbs about the Kindle Fire that are just barely worth mentioning.

Kindle Fire market share

The Cheapest  Kindle Fire now makes up 14% of the tablet market, according to market research firm IHS Inc. Along with this is the speculation that Amazon sold 3.89 million units last quarter. This puts Amazon in the #2 spot (after Apple) in the tablet space, edging out Samsuing, which currently has 8% of the market. Apple had 57% of the market for the quarter. 
The market share numbers are new, but the rest isn’t. I’ve already reported here on Amazopia that Amazon sold 6 million or 4 million Kindles, and that it is the #2 tablet behind the iPad. Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook says that the Fire hasn’t hurt iPad sales at all, which contradicts a report that 1 million people bought Fires instead of iPads during Christmas.

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