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What is the Kindle? (kindles for sale)

The Amazon  Kindles for sale is an device which allows you to read e-books. The  Kindles for sale was designed by Amazon and it continues to be the world's bestselling wireless reading device. There have been three generations of the best buy Kindle and there is also the best buy Kindle DX series (which has larger screens than the standard Kindle).
What makes the Kindle unique is the way in which it displays text with sixteen shades of gray. This allows for a long battery life and it also makes reading on the Kindles for sale very similar to reading a newspaper or book. When you need new books for your Amazon Kindle, you can just download them via wireless network. So, it makes it very convenient to get new reading material from anywhere!

What is the difference between the Best buy Kindle Versions?

 Kindles for sale - 1st Generation

The First Generation Kindles for sale was only sold in the United States. It was released in November of 2007.
The price for the 1st generation kindle was $399 and it sold out in less than 6 hours. In fact, it would be another 5 months before any first generation kindles were available.
It's interesting to note that the first generation cheap kindle is the only model that came with an SD card slot.
The first generation kindle had a 6 inch screen and it used a 4 level grayscale display. It had 250 MB of memory and could hold roughly 200 books.


Kindles for sale - 2nd Generation


The next generation of the Kindles for sale (also called the Kindle 2) was released in February of 2009. This version allowed for text-to-speech so that books were able to be read aloud. The 2nd Generation Kindle also had 2GB of internal memory (which was quite a jump from the original 250M). This allows for the device to hold roughly 1500 books. So, nearly 7X the capacity of the 1st generation Best buy Kindle. The Kindle 2 was also slimmer than the first generation and it did not have have an SD slot.


Kindles for sale DX

The Cheapest Kindles DX was released in May of 2009. This version featured a larger screen and it also had PDF support. To date, it is the thinnest Kindle made and it also allowed the user to rotate pages between landscape and portrait by turning the device on its side.


Best buy Kindle 3

The latest generation of Kindles for sale (referred to as the Kindle 3, by fans) was released in July of 2010. There are actually two versions of this particular model. The first, known as the Kindles for sale Wi-Fi, connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi networks. The other version actually supports 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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